All applicants who are successful at first interview are asked to complete a series of online assessments as part of our selection process.

The results of these assessments provide us with an objective measure of your preferred behavioural style at work and likely performance against some important job competencies.

This therefore contributes to our decision making-process along with your interviews, visits and other practical activities.

We use 2 types of tests provided by SHL, a well-known global provider of psychometric and occupational testing packages

Occupational Personality Questionnaire

Helps us understand how aspects of your behavioural style will affect your enjoyment of and performance at work.

Cognitive Ability Assessments

Robust tools that reveal ability to work with information and measure mental abilities such as verbal and numerical ability.


As the assessments are online you can complete them at home at a time that suits you. If you don’t have computer facilities at home then you can come into your nearest Teaching Personnel branch and use one of ours.